The Video Stop is now offering free delivery to your door in the town of Jasper, Alberta, Canada.  The Video Stop does not offer shipping at the present time. 

We accept e-transfers for payment for all products purchased.    

Thank you for shopping local.

Video Stop Rental Section

To rent a movie you can e-transfer payment to

New Release (3 day rental) $5.00

Catalog Movies (7 day rental) $5.00

TV Series (7 day rental) $10.00

$10.00 minimum charge for free delivery.

We also has a special deal.  Pay $50.00 and you can rent 12 movies. 

Text us at (780) 820-0575 with your movie requests and we will drop them off at your door when the e-transfer is complete.  

The Video Stop has 8000 movies to rent and they are listed at the following website. 

 If you do not see the movie you would like to rent text us at (780) 820-0575 and we can check if it is in our rental stock.  We are updating our lists daily to showcase what movies the Video Stop has for rent.


 How To Return a movie:

 The following are tips on how to locate the Video Stop drop box.

1. 607 Patricia Street is the address where the drop box is located.

2. Same building as SnowDome Cafe and Coin Clean laundry.

3. Drop box is located on the railing in front of building on the right side.

4. The box is located beside the door of the Andromeda Cafe.

5. The drop box is actually the old Video Stop box that customers used back in the day.

6. The drop box is black and welded right into the railing.

7. There is a silver knob on the black box that is purely cosmetic.

8. The black box is not a flight recorder. It just functions as a black box to return movies that were rented at Video Stop's virtual rental store.

If you cannot find the Video Stop's drop box text me at (780) 820-0575 and I will pick them up at your door.

Thanks, Kevin


Been going here for years, Kevin delivered some stuff we needed during the covid pandemic , and tossed in an extra hotwheels for my son. A small gesture that meant a lot! thank you video stop!

Katie P.
Stopped in to browse, who wouldn't love a store that has; movies, games, electronics AND skateboards!? Spoke to the owner, Kevin a local of the great town of Jasper. He helped me get an amazing setup for my skateboard and was extremely helpful. I would recommend his services to anyone. Bravo Kevin.
Dave C.